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And after sharing moods, thoughts, gypsy music and pictures of you who sleep, smile, eat, you blow your nose into the wind, it's time to share with your friends your recipes treats and goodies

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kitchen has never been more full of ideas. Spaghetti prepared in accordance with the philosophy of molecular cuisine, to that recipe “... I heard from Clerici ...”. From duck with orange to toast to five layers, those with a monstrous dose of cocktail sauce. This is the kitchen that looks like you.


We're disappointing? Here we are, you can write an e-mail for your suggestions, your recommendations. Courage and imagination are not lacking, but we have lost sight of some particular, and then we rely on your help to improve and because in the kitchen of Cookerfeed do not go crazy mayonnaise, does meringue melts, not overcook pasta, no tart burn ...